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On the development of the nternet in the tourism industry by Tencent

in the tourism industry is a traditional industry application website on the Internet, with the rapid growth in the number of Internet users China, development of the tourism industry website will be a trend with a trend which cannot be halted, the major IT giants to enter the tourism market, the tourism industry is very competitive, a major reshuffle of the industry will be inevitable. May 17th, Tencent Holdings Ltd announced that it has acquired elong Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as elong) nearly 16% stake in the acquisition price of $84 million 400 thousand, or about RMB 546 million yuan. This is followed by Baidu, Tencent became the second involved in the tourism market, IT companies.

Tencent said in the announcement, the Tencent holdings in the tourism market the first significant investment, after the completion of the transaction, the Tencent holdings will become the second largest shareholder of elong.

elong CEO Cui Guangfu said, because of the cross platform application of Tencent’s huge user groups and portals, mobile phone, instant messaging, social networks, we believe that domestic customers can benefit from our cooperation. Tencent holdings CEO Liu Chiping said, Tencent focused on providing our customers to create greater customer value, we believe that the Tencent’s online leadership and marketing experience, and combined with the online travel experience elong and rich products can supply to provide our users with a new and high quality service. Through the construction of an open platform, we will continue to strengthen the user’s online virtual activities and offline physical activities continue to provide better service to our users.

and elong CEO Cui Guangfu today through its micro-blog released the 2011 first quarter financial report said: elong today released the first quarter earnings report, 1 million 700 thousand night hotel business is at the core position, an increase of 40% (Ctrip growth rate over the same period of 20%). Elong hotel reservation online accelerated growth has accounted for nearly half of the overall hotel, is expected in the second quarter online hotel bookings will for the first time over the telephone booking, this is a major victory for elong online hotel reservation strategy, will also be China online travel industry’s historical breakthrough


is now online tourism and e-commerce and tourism e-commerce service platform for rapid development, consumers are willing to accept online travel products, between the major online travel sites prices have tended to be homogeneity. Through the Internet to obtain travel information and the number of groups using online booking is also growing. In the rapid development of the Internet situation, Chinese users rapid growth rate, the traditional travel industry into the Internet is a trend of a trend which cannot be halted.

with the IT giants have entered the tourism market, a major reshuffle of the industry will be inevitable. This article source: Hu Zhihao blog http://s.huzhihao.com for reprint, please indicate the


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