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Net exposure Jay Chou joined vip com as a position bright

recently, the star get together the Internet, Gao Xiaosong and He Jiong went to Ali music, Lee Hom went to the Tencent, Li Xiang went to 360… Today, it is said that Jay Chou will join vip.com, as chief officer (CJO). Currently, vip.com has not yet responded to this time, so the truth is not yet determined.

online exposure of a suspected Jay Chou entry vip.com card photos, as the position is the chief surprise Officer (CJO)". However, the chief officer English abbreviation surprise the previous electricity supplier company CXO, CXO in the "X" on behalf of the unknown, which surprises, responsibilities of this position is to give the employees, buyers with surprise, positive energy transfer.

but vip.com gives the position is CJO, if combined with Jay Chou’s English name Jay, it is not difficult to understand. The question is, what surprises will Jay Chou bring to vip.com?

prior to this, there have been a number of star entry Internet Co, insiders said that the star has brought a wealth of fans and influence, but also free to the enterprise platform, than simply please spokesperson cost-effective.

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