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Those Wangzhuan blog promotion skills

website promotion of the people know that blog is an indispensable way of promotion. Through the blog, you can promote their own websites, their products, there is a very common role, is to do the chain. For the optimization of the website promotion, this should be very clear, but for the average person, thought should be to write their own journal in blog, however, because we do Wangzhuan, our thoughts are different.

in the promotion site. We can’t just totally put their descriptive website promotion, website promotion to your site features, and in some articles, cleverly introduced their own website, actually said professional write. However, in his blog text, can not so high, because some of the soft is to be sent to some large professional website, our paper is in the interest of blog, as long as we don’t see our blog let people off it. Blog articles, you can write some interesting stories, the current hot topics, controversial topics, etc., the main purpose is to attract the reader’s eye. So, if an article title to be good, in fact, more than the content of the article is also more effective.

to do their own site chain. In this regard, remember not to add too many links to your site, if you add too much, so that users do not love is not tight, the search engine will not love, that is against us, an article to a two article best myself. Of course, the location of the site is also a good choice, it is best to own web site keywords, if not, then write their own article last source of their own site, so the effect is not bad. In addition, the chain of their own, can not be too obvious, if such obvious more, our blog is easy to be titles, if blocked, that our previous efforts were in vain. So, in this regard, it is best to do more than a few blogs, in order to prevent the closure, which did not do before the chain.


above, do blog promotion and outside the chain, mainly from two aspects, one is added to the content inside the blog and the other one is the user experience, a good user experience, the user is not tight love, search engine is also very love. We want to do is to take full account of the search engine and user conditions, maximize the promotion of their website. Sometimes the above two aspects are taken into account, but we can not forget the real blog administrator, we can not do too much of their blog commercialization. Otherwise, by the title is a matter of your heart to do the preparation. The baby home Xing Wangzhuan (http://s.0635online.cn) feeds, reproduced please specify, thank you

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