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Talking about how to promote the king of the network

entered the ranks of the individual owners in 2007, contact the webmaster network is the end of 07, and for the first time to see the king in Chengdu is the general assembly. Before meeting him, grassroots are full of praise for him. From my understanding of online chat and QQ, also can see Figure Wang really low-key amiable and easy of approach, and helpful; and he in website promotion for high-profile, in the absence of any form of advertising, let you become his grassroots loyal website visitors. Here I talk about a few points:

is a graph king encouraged: soft Wen promotion own article, this trick is high, why? Because the webmaster network content can be described as more than 70% of the original, all from the grassroots webmaster experience, not only oneself experience to share with everyone, and will also promote their own websites to you, if the article is good, others reproduced is able to access many of the chain. The king is to get the original content, the head of the visit, pay is to keep a link.

two is the king took part in the gathering around the webmaster, we say that the king’s speech level is not how good, but each grassroots webmaster to give him a lot of applause and. Why is he so many webmaster to attend the party? He is leisurely? He love to play? We all know that graph king is very busy, always holding a notebook. What is his real purpose? His website localization is the service to the webmaster, although in his speech did not mention their station network, but every time when the host in the introduction, the promotion is not everyone can enjoy. While the content of his speech is really, bring a lot of experience to the new owners, for the old webmaster, a very common thing, it is because of the usual things he is willing to share with you, so popular and respected more. This will increase the stickiness of the site, which had to be high ah!

so I suggest you to take part in the webmaster gathering, not only can exchange experience, but also can promote the website, also can know a lot of people. Remember the Chengdu station in the Jialun organization, I participated in the 07 years of the tea party, met a lot of webmaster, I learn all aspects of education website wave network www.xuegle.com flow is not good, so also not out, but when the mom in a party, at the party figure Wang talked about my website profit pattern, but at that time I did not say the graph king in the name of the website, oh, thank graph king, I present the domain name transferred to the whole graph king on the platform.

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