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Heart BBS website administrator of the reading on the new channel

reading as a channel to the entire core part of network now, but not just by reading books as the content, now the reader as well as the requirements of the readers some network is more and more high, if you like reading novels as to read a book, a no appeal; two no gain. Now read the aim of the channel network is not just that readers can see books, buy books, more to the readers read good books, read books, from browsing to quickly understand the related contents of the book information in a book, such as history, humanities and so on.

so, just provide the text version of reading is not enough, so a good project, the surrounding can gather a book, give the reader a wealth of information, understand the contents of the book and related information from various aspects.

now from the following sections are designed to study the contents of the page aggregation.

1: A Biography (it is best to separate the whole screen page, home page to show the form of small squares, reserved link address)

author photo:

is mainly to increase the credibility and visibility of books, and sometimes a well-known writer can drive a lot of reading. Photos can be used 100*100 format can not be too large.

also recommended that obligate custom upload pictures display function, mainly for new authors to upload their own photos.

the author’s life and expertise

allows the reader to read the book first to know the author, and to know the general tone of the book.

main works of the author

show the author of the book under the name of the other, you can increase the site itself within the chain of construction, to promote the popularity of a book to read other books, to maintain a win-win situation.

in the home page is not fully displayed, reserved for the author of the page link – [details]

2: Book Introduction (comprehensive but simple summary of the contents of the book and the background of the times and the meaning behind)

book introduces the whole book does not necessarily require a copy of the directory, or a postscript adaptation, as the introduction to the book, if the introduction of too much, or the reserved link (link to read page introduction to)

3: book catalog

If there is a

book chapters can be the chapters in the form of a list displayed on the home page "Catalogue" squares, each section is connected to the reading channel section reading page. If there are VIP sections in the chapter can be appropriately marked.

book chapters if more, or in accordance with the proportion of home box to reduce [more] behind the reserved link, pointing to the book reading page directory page section.

4: comments outside

the quality of a book does not lie in its own packaging and quality

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