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Big data analysis to tell you what kind of article can get mad

social media tracking service analysis tool BuzzSumo, before and after May 2014 on more than 100 million articles on social media analysis, trying to find an answer:

what kind of content to allow users to share, viral


this big problem is embedded or subdivided into a number of small problems:

– who get crazy turn of the article, which aroused the user


– the list? A chart? If the user

is more likely to be shared?I love

readers share a short article or a long article? Social media articles, the ideal length of

is what?

– "trust" is one of the main factors driving the users to share is not


article did not attach a picture, to share what impact the


– there are large V share your article, with no large V share, the result is much different from


– an article published after a few days or even weeks, how can let users continue to share the


– a few weeks post the most readily available


answers to such questions, some just from the perspective of big data to provide a little reference. The most important premise is: you have to write a wonderful article (content), this step can not be omitted and can not be replaced. Therefore, you have to believe that good content is always valuable.

the following 10 methods or conclusions, based on the analysis of 100 million articles from the media big data analysis. It may be timely assistance or help the icing on the cake, more and more effective to get your article share on social media.

1) long articles are easier to share on social media than short ones.

mobile Internet era, mobile reading and other shallow reading, writing short articles easier to meet more and more impatient readers

big data research does not support this idea. According to the analysis of 100 million articles published on social media, the first 10% articles (the top 10 million) get the most articles, most of which are long articles. On average, the share of the long article is also higher than the share of short articles.

under the table of big data research shows that 3000-10000 words of the article, in the social media to get the highest average forwarding share (8859).



paradox is that the vast majority of articles on social media are less than 1000 words.

what does this mean? The production of high quality articles, is a blue ocean market! Come on, to write a certain depth, after careful study, insightful article. This is a good chance for you to stand out in the social media.


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