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How to do network marketing webmaster and enterprise

from the beginning of the last century in the late 90s, marketing with low cost for product promotion more enterprises to create a marketing miracle, also wrote a lot so far was later told by marketing case, marketing scholars mention marketing thought of Shi Yuzhu, from the first beginning of Shi Yuzhu’s "card" he chose the marketing, the second stage a comeback in the entrepreneurial process he still use the soft propaganda to crazy marketing " naobaijin " after China, even become the top businessmen still use the marketing promotion of "journey", the business legend is the first one who China marketing.

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Shi Yuzhu led to the development of marketing Chinese marketing market, however, with the rapid development of the Internet China, how to do a good job in the world of network marketing webmaster and enterprise? For you is a common definition of the soft, soft text is relative to the mandatory advertising, text Ads by the enterprise marketing personnel or advertising company copy of the staff to be responsible for the writing of "". So in the network in the world, soft marketing what unique features:

1, on the preparation of soft writing before: as the creator of the soft to the required writing industry, industry, enterprise, product, enterprise website, understand consumers and other basic information, rather than by way of balm of no substance to write behind closed doors —


2, to determine the writing ideas: to the user’s interests and benefits for the creation of the soft selling point, such as through the soft, show the actual strength of the enterprise and brand image, through the introduction of marketing channels of soft shows that the enterprise expansion and development agency, to stimulate the potential consumer groups through the introduction of product performance, the desire to buy through the summary, the soft of website operation to promote your web site


3, finishing a good network soft communication platform: network soft communication is in the form of web pages, such as the existence of the "information in the form of marketing, the existing marketing forum forum posts, to blog creation blog marketing and so on, even the watermark, message, signature, PPT, email is the network marketing media


4, the creation of good soft Wen: the creation of the soft text creation is not necessarily a gorgeous and beautiful statement, China can not be the same as a political papers, but must say intimate chitchat, to convey the word love to implant the audience, this creation of soft literary talent is the most powerful marketing


5 on the network, the creator of the soft requirements: a good network not only known as the creator of the soft above 1, 2, 3, 4, and to estimate the attitude of Internet users soft and search engines give this article weight! Remember to write text will not necessarily do marketing, however the webmaster and the enterprise to give the effect of the marketing is soft and not a type of soft,

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