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Small sites do not rely on how to survive SEO traffic

tired of watching stereotyped SEO article, today some other dishes, this article may do full-time webmaster for some Baidu SEO. I am writing is limited, you will see it.

how do you do without Baidu traffic? How do you do without SEO traffic? First of all, I would like to say that I did not consider this problem in half a year ago, nor need to consider. 80% of my site traffic from Baidu SEO, and very stable. Every day’s work is basically on the SEO side, at that time I did not consider other drainage channels. Last year’s National Day holiday back home, because in the home can not access the Internet, so the National Day holiday did not pay attention to the site’s data. After the holiday came back to see the data, site traffic during the National Day fell by 50%. Open the flow tool background, a look at the key words all disappeared. Baidu search inside a few usually stable in the top three words are gone, and some even dozens of pages can not be found, the website brand word has disappeared. At this time I know the site was Baidu right down. But Google’s ranking is also good, but unfortunately useless, do stand friends know Google to flow is limited, and now there is no more than and 360.

site no flow how to do to see here do a lot of SEO webmaster should be very sympathetic, keyword in Baidu all disappear is a kind of blow. Baidu’s traffic means all of the domestic SEOER. Of course, the country does not rely on SEO traffic is also a lot of webmaster. E-mail marketing, forum marketing, QQ marketing, micro-blog marketing, event marketing, etc.. For me, because before has been only concerned about the SEO, other ways to promote, although also know how many, but the study is not deep. A lot of people do SEO encountered this problem do not have to think of a way to do.

is the next article to say, there is no Baidu SEO traffic site how to do not rely on SEO traffic is not the site does not live, of course, we do not have to think of a way to flow Baidu drainage. There are a lot of ways to promote the network, predecessors have summed up a lot, I said that the basic can not be separated from these, nothing more than is the operation of the specific details of the site I speak out. I want to be helpful to the novice webmaster. I use these methods to do more than the flow of Baidu SEO ranking level. These methods are also my own from scratch. In my eyes, regardless of the promotion of promotion or free promotion, as long as the work takes up your time he is valuable. Because time is money. Here are some specific methods of operation.

a, PPC bidding drainage

The most direct way to

can also get the rapid flow, but to control their costs, in addition to the bidding qualification in order to open an account, need a business license, of course, there is a way of personal accounts, specifically asked the local agent general will tell you that there is no reason not to earn money.

the following brief introduction of the major domestic search engine bidding address and phase

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