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Panic buying AD NMD queues explosion models marketing classic case

Abstract: queuing has become the most important fashion brand marketing tools. The achievements of Adidas and Nike hunger marketing market sales, while the share of the contribution of these storm chasers, whether rational thinking, those of you queued overnight to buy something really worthy of love?



Shanghai queue to buy live

Alisa black eye tired look, really let the family was shocked, she was dragging a sleeping bag, a folding fishing chair, and a big Adidas LOGO paper bag. Into the house, she was put in the hands of all the things on the floor, fell asleep in his bed. Alisa to do things that parents can not understand: "the child is a pair of shoes to stay up all night queuing, before we only heard of someone to do so for Apple’s mobile phone." Alisa’s mother Ms. Lee complained to titanium media reporters.

but, if you look at the trend of the Forum on the sports shoes in the plate, it is easy to understand these 90, for a pair of shoes crazy mentality. This is a group of people, and it is common on a global scale.


horse source in Japan to buy high priced NMD

, in my opinion, is the hunger marketing." Another in the first time to buy a pair of shoes, Mr. Ma source, the way to win trophies more natural. He is also the sports shoes of almost all the fancier, Adidas, Nike limited edition, but he never for any pair of shoes and the line. "I bought through the purchase of Japan, the market price is 1099 yuan, I spent a total of 1700, you see, this is not the price of queuing." Received shoes that day, just the birthday of the horse, he can not avoid the show in the circle of friends.

what is a pair of shoes, people pay time or money for it?

March 17th, Adidas officially launched a product called NMD shoes. The sale of a total of 25 NMD series, NMD series belongs to a sports shoes designed for urban jogger. This combination of design Micro Pacer, running Rising Star and Boston Super three classic sports shoes, take a variety of color design module, not only has a classic, and the comfort of the Boost bottom of blessing. It is both a comfortable and stylish personality of an excellent sports shoes.


but if rational ideas about the content of science and technology — NMD boost sole has a damping effect, in the last round of the boost series of shoes which have already been used. Ultra Boost can also be regarded as one of the company’s explosion last year. And Primeknit woven uppers Technology >

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