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Zhang Hongchun content quality domain name SEO

I think in any case, SEO is just a tactical category, content and quality is the strategic level.

a lot of people pay too much attention to SEO, while ignoring the user experience, original content, content quality control. The real SEO master, there is no doubt that a person, but if you want to grow as a person should be earlier to find the research content and the quality of user experience.

to achieve a greater level of success, must have this beyond.

SEO is always under the rules of the game, today 90% of visitors from Baidu, Google is still the same tomorrow, as long as the proportion does not fall is not progress.

so, we have to let the user remember our content, remember our domain name [Chinese domain name and English domain name].

in view of many of the reasons for the Chinese domain name is not sensitive to the domain name, we have enough time to go from the domain name, I think he is far better than any of your late promotion. Good domain is not necessarily successful, bad domain 90% to fail. Therefore, the domain name of the domain name investors will have been added value. Have more money to invest in domain names.

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