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These creative marketing thinking let your brain hole open

in writing today’s theme of the article, first to share a little thing I bought in TB episode. I bought a number of bag on TB, about what is the bag I will not explain, we do not know if you can use Baidu Search.

finished two days later, today received the goods. After receiving the goods, I opened it and looked a little confused. Why?

There are only 10

bag, and looks like it is relatively large. So, I contacted the seller, the seller began to let me take pictures. I use the phone after the end of the picture, the seller said it is not clear to see, no way, I took a single shot.

seller after reading, I feel like the wrong goods. He said, then you send it! I said the freight?

he said: I’m out of here.

I said: our side of the freight is generally single words are about 15.

he said: so expensive? Forget it, I will give you a replacement on it.

I said: that the 10 bag


he said, "here you are.

I said: this way, you give me the 5 silk bag, I see that bag cheaper, so you will not eat too much thanks.

he said: so, give you 8 silk, it is too thin, the 5 wire.

I said: OK!

a crisis, so calm down. And two people are also very satisfied, I also promised to receive the goods to give him a good. The share of the event is to tell you, sometimes, a step back is as boundless as the sea and sky.

well, now to share with you about some thinking and creative aspects of marketing, said before the creative marketing case, I was the first to share a small congregation to raise the case, in fact, transformation of thinking, the congregation raised the case is also a creative marketing. And the final result of this marketing is that you advance their products to the pre-sale out.

raise tuition fees Harvard

the afternoon will see a piece of news in today’s headlines, said a person graduates in just three days will attract more than 400 people raise public participation, raise fifty thousand yuan. Here I share his congregation to raise programs.

he raised the amount of the public into 3 options, one is $39, a $99, a $129. 39 yuan is to enjoy his notes, $99 is to enjoy the right to join the WeChat group. The 129 yuan can either have a note, you can join the WeChat group. In the more than and 400 investment activities, there are 350 people are the choice of $129.

in fact, we can think about it, this model can also use the WeChat public number, to raise all the people are attracted to the WeChat public number above, also

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