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On three key points to make the soft marketing more successful

is a kind of soft, subtle promotion information distributed to the content readable, so as not to make their own promotion information is very straightforward to appear in front of the reader, and the reader will not make early psychological resistance. In fact, many of the soft is used to promote their website, of course, there are some friends to promote their reputation or other services. So for soft Wen marketing, seize the three key points can make your soft Wen more success:

a, understand the marketing target user group is what?

since it is to use soft Wen promotion, then we must first find out their own promotion user group preferences, interests, reading points, etc., so the most basic things must be clear. Don’t do promotion is irrelevant, so even if your soft Wen write again good also useless, because you do irrelevant things, like the workers wages are you going to give him the value of tourism, no one will give you a definite answer support. So, to find out the user base is the first step, the second step if you do not understand, then you can use a few soft text to try the effect, the effect of the reaction can be a good analysis of the target user group state. So, not afraid of wasting a few soft, as long as a clear understanding of the users who can, so after marketing to make their marketing more success in understanding the target user group, your marketing effect certainly is greatly reduced, so, this is the first step of marketing must be done.

two, through the soft text to the reader with what information?

since it is necessary to promote the user, it is necessary to consider their own promotion can give users what kind of value. Rather than treat the user as a fool, blindly will only play flicker, this will only be a temporary benefit, after the waste heat, but also to continue before the brilliant?. So, for marketing, the second step is to consider their own soft Wen really bring to the user what kind of value, only the value of information useful to the user, the user can feel soft, really useful. Like yourself, when you find useful information for yourself, it will be easier to accept the ads, and will not refuse it thousands of miles away. In fact, marketing is the most important is what can bring value to the user, there are multiple values of weight, which is marketing must be valued, no matter what the user needs as the ultimate pursuit of love, because only the user accepted, will bring the corresponding return.

three, what is the follow-up to the user


users need follow-up effect is commonly known as the after-sales service. Now no matter what they buy in the value of its customer service service, but also for users, a customer service service is absolutely guaranteed to give users a tonic. Therefore, the soft Wen marketing, users should be allowed to promote their own information to provide more after-sales service with confidence. The user is the ultimate object of soft marketing, and the user needs to be

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