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Discussion WeChat public platform promotion niche segments

first run WeChat public platform it has been 20 days, the daily timing push high quality hand-painted illustrations and other works of art to the user, has determined to do the polymerization the best platform for art design direction of the side of the mobile phone users, but nothing to the beginning of the creation of the poor, every day in fluence of about fifty people, although the daily suffering find a map, forced to find the best plans to push, but the amount of attention has no breakthrough, so the bottleneck period lasted almost two weeks, in 11.06 days thinking about changing reasonable setting and optimization of push content, the effect is striking, after only six days the number of attention from 1000 soared to 6000, but most of them are hand-painted art design enthusiasts, how can this amazing one exclusive, look down:

A: vertical subdivision, the greater the chance of

first look at the idea of the two articles released after the user’s attention and sharing curve:

      date;               the number of delivery /         the number of read /     /   share number;     graphic conversion rate of /%

10.06-10.10         1750;                                   4216.34%


    10.07-10.11             1353;         31931;                 1690;          

& nbsp; 1552.7%

subdivision on the map to do a little more intuitive:

two: down to earth the important content is

has been trying to find the best and most shocking works, let us read, but first of all, his works may not be much, but also the audience.

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