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Summed up the success of the marketing stick a few key factors

" Baidu Post Bar – the world’s largest Chinese community " this is the title part of the post bar, is indeed the largest, Baidu as the largest Chinese search engine, users can imagine. Where there is a user, where there is the market, so how to use the stick to our product marketing? The following author from his own experience to talk about the most common two kinds of post bar marketing.


mode one: the theme of the product plus product link

we need to clear a purpose, we do Post Bar is to head to our site to bring traffic or direct promotion of our products, marketing is to sell products, sell the premise is to have people know your product, how to let people know your product, this is the promotion of the first step is the marketing promotion.

in the theme content and product links, it is difficult to do, Post Bar paste, the tube was quite strict, but not impossible to do, then how in the theme of Riga product links? It is people, people are driven by interests, if you think in a Post Bar mix well, want to promote their products, there is a simple way is to give it to the point of interest, so the Lord of your ads will be filled with invisible, but don’t overdo it, here you can talk about it and how to get it, contact, there are many methods, for example, private letters. You and your host communication, advertising theme is released, the next step is how to make your theme in the front row forever, this is a problem, you can not use the same number to the top, so that the user is disgusted, for your product turnover rate is affected, some people say with the top stick machine, personal feel against confidential use less, use well, the theme you will delete the Post Bar, the system will automatically identify the top stick machine.

is here to tell you several ways, first, to Witkey platform publishing tasks with real users on top, but this may cost more, often beyond your budget. Second, the method has low cost, it’s up to you to accumulate resources, for example, you can ask your friends to go to the top of your post, or add some Post Bar marketing QQ group, it is a way of mutual time-consuming, that there is no faster way? Yes. Is the team operation, maybe some people do not believe, but it is this team, remember that sentence, where there is demand, where there is a market, I do Post Bar for many years, has accumulated various aspects of information, there is a need to post a friend can add my QQ 562457963 user comments are true! Users have different picture, IP, video and blog comments can do. Through the top stick, so that you can make your theme in front of the stick. It should be noted that the user to collect the active time, so that you can control where some time to reply, the user can see your theme in the first time. The theme should also be written, not hard advertising, so

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