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The specific educational website promotion strategy

of education website, is a popular industry, characteristic of this kind of education industry is: the flow of small, strong timeliness (often a year as long as several months, the competition for small user attention). This is an opportunity to engage in this kind of industry is a friend, because only a few simple promotion strategy, you can let our website ranking.

, a single station network education market

At present, because of

education industry without too much attention, so the network does not have a system of competitive environment, most of the information from the portal websites, not what professional website mainly do the industry, can be said to be very low degree of competition.

two, promotion strategy

we are doing educational website promotion, we must pay attention to the needs of users, through the Baidu search results is not difficult to see, questioning, communication, data download user demand for specific educational needs, so we can through the following channels to promote their own websites:

1, through the Baidu know, QQ ask, answer the question and answer platform specific types of questions, leave your website brand word, guide others search brand word, and then come to our website.

2, through their own website to open the forum, allowing users to enter the site after the forum active. Or directly to the relevant Post Bar, watercress post thread drainage.

3, through Douding road passenger Baba, Baidu library, set the title of the article, the content in adding a guide language or leave a link, guide users to our website.

as long as the above 3 to do 3 months, market share in the network we can get 70% of the specific industry.

three, summary

of course, I say this promotion ideas are applicable to other more popular industry, as long as through the third party platform campaign, we will be able to monopolize the network in the shortest period of time the market, when competitors react, the threshold is very high, but this time, the customer has been in our web site the.

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