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Blinkist financing 4 million 300 thousand so you can read a book in 15 minutes


Blinkist is a start-up company in Berlin, Germany, the company mainly provides non fiction book condensed version. The company has just received a $4 million 300 thousand financing, which had already received $2 million in financing.

and common Bookstore + reader mode, Blinkist does not provide any books, but a condensed version is committed to provide readers with non literary fiction. The advantage of this form is obvious: it allows you to quickly get the essence of the book. After artificial enrichment of Blinkist, Chinese edition has 234 pages of Hatching Twitter only a short 14 page, omit important details, only the core essence for you. In this way, a book will be finished in about 15 minutes. With Blinkist, for now busy office workers, reading 100 books a year should not be difficult.

Blinkist service has now achieved full coverage of Web, iOS and Android. Blinkist will provide users with a free book that has been condensed. If you want to read more books, you need to pay, to pay $50 a year, Blinkist books you see. If you choose to pay $80 a year, you can enjoy the audio version of the book.

Blinkist was founded in 2012. 2015, the number of subscribers has more than 30 thousand companies, all over the world in 130 countries. Blinkist will use this round of financing to further expand the market, while more publishers to establish partnerships with the introduction of more condensed version of the book.

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