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Personal financial stocks website development space

      personal website seems to have little in the financial field of a play, more get together in the entertainment, pictures, such as mobile phone, so in the stock in the field of personal website is the personal website of the survival space?

      with a few old Adsense talk about this matter, they say, this requirement is too high, not only to understand the site, but also understand the stock, to understand too much, as do other stations easily.

      I began in 2006, focusing on the idea of financial website, was just an idea, because I am a bit of programming impassability, also can simply use the PF to do static pages, because the stock site can be said to understand the stock, people do not understand the website, understand website people do not understand the stock, it is difficult to put the two together, I try to do. Also the upload, beginning one day only a few days later the flow is 20-30IP/, the web is 06 at the end of the year, a day at the beginning of 07 do, only 200-300IP/ day traffic a year later, I do not know what merit, only know the content every day, adhere to the original, original content. Do a few very important stock keywords in Baidu on the first page of a half of my. Feeling pretty good, but the flow is no quality improvement, I really can not think of.

    to the beginning of 2008, I decided to use the site management system, or the content of the update every day too much work, and re positioning the site, the domain name has changed. Everything is equal to the beginning, my domain name into laole88.com so good to remember, the name of the site changed to: the old Le Baba, the former domain name is the English name, do not know the language is too difficult to remember. It all started. I still adhere to the original, not what SEO, now less than half a month, traffic is 2000PV, I saw many webmaster said: within a month to tens of thousands of IP/ days, really want to beg merit, because my website is too professional, or what reason, how do I do to?

      from the professional level of speaking, I study on the stock for more than ten years, can not master the short-term is modestly said. Two publishers recently asked me to write my book, the original blog I opened in Sina, I wrote all the financial articles on the day of the TOP50, and later on my blog on my website, was K. At that time, the amount of blog soon broke through the 50W. Now one of the top four in the blogosphere or sina.com.cn recommended my China stock. The flow of one hundred hundreds of thousands. More than a year. But I do my own web site is not on the flow, I may not have the means of publicity, but I believe that good content is fundamental, I insist, I hope you will support me.

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