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Talk about WeChat from the media and traditional media

WeChat recently fired from the media is very fire, there are a lot of friends in the traditional media industry trying to transform. Luo thinking push charging membership system, half crazy 1 million 600 thousand, the current brand valuation of $100 million, the money who want to earn. Many people think that WeChat since the media is not simple, is not the traditional media that set to WeChat, as long as you can continue to export high-quality content near OK? In the south only said: too simple, sometimes naï ve


in fact now WeChat from the media to do good, there are several traditional media to the past? The number is really not much over the number of fingers can. This does not mean that few people in the traditional media circles do WeChat, but most will obliterate all. In essence, WeChat since the media and traditional media in the same place, but also can not ignore the many differences in the local, if in the process of operation to deal with these differences, thinking is not changed, it is difficult to make WeChat from the media.


from the media and traditional media where the difference? If summed up in one phrase, the south said: WeChat since the media do is, the traditional media do is content.

"small individual, but also has its own brand." This is the official slogan of WeChat public platform, which makes countless new into this business people encouraged, as once they began to operate the public brand is established, the success in sight. The fact is that we need to pay attention to is the slogan of WeChat’s official website, what is it?

"WeChat, is a way of life"

yes, in the face of all the audience’s official page, WeChat did not mention the individual, nor mention the brand, but in the way of life. What is the way of life? Daily communication, the basic necessities of life, is a way of life. Brand promotion, marketing, these are not lifestyle. We send text messages to friends, call, this is the way of life. We sell our products to customers, it’s not a way of life.

WeChat wants to do is to put this product into everyone’s daily life, become part of life. Now, it has replaced the text to a certain extent, in the future, it may be able to replace the phone, instead of other aspects. But when it comes down, WeChat is the most important thing is an equal dialogue between people, communication bridge. The WeChat media, here is the bridge of the bridge operator, there is concern. As an operator, it is necessary to put the user as a friend, as a person, say, do personnel, do not carry a shelf.

traditional media to the WeChat platform is easy to grasp in this direction is not good, has been thinking about himself is the authority, is the boss, the shelf is very high, posing a stranger not close to the gesture. All day thinking about the strategy, positioning, platform, content, can only play this set is not open in WeChat. WeChat pays more attention to the equality of communication between people, you only put down the figure more down to earth, people like to talk to you.

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