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Wei long study abroad founder Wang Wei Baidu marketing can accurately see the effect

July 25th, with the power of growth as the theme of Baidu marketing promotion forum held in Beijing Millennium Minneapolis. Wei long study abroad as a good benchmark for SMEs to attend the forum, indissoluble bound President Mr. Wang Wei also tells the story of their history of struggle in the forum and Baidu.

resigned from office had lost to join the international road difficult

Wang Wei entered the Ministry of education in 1985, one thousand is 15 years. In 2000, Wang Wei resigned from office, but confused about what to do. At that time, Wang Wei once a student awoke him and told him to do study. Study abroad can also be used as a business to do? Wang Wei wondered. But with the rich work experience in the work of the Ministry of education, Wang Wei founded in 2000 Wei long education group.

in the company just established, is also difficult. The company’s business in Beijing, the main form of publicity is advertising in Beijing, playing one of the ads to more than 10 thousand dollars, or ten can be several phone calls, after playing in the newspaper ads, we will keep in front of the phone, for fear of missing a call, do not dare even to the toilet. In the first year of the establishment of Wei, spent nearly 1 years of time to allow a student to study abroad successfully, when Wang Wei was accompanied by fear of a little error. When the students get a visa to tell Wang Wei that kind of joy, Wang Wei will know that this road is not wrong.

encountered a stumbling block Internet let Wei long tour popular

from the beginning of the year one or two students to now every year through the Wei long education and the number of successful students to reach thousands, from the beginning to end Wang Wei witnessed the changes in the company. And this one, but also with Baidu has some relevance.

in 2006, the company development bottleneck, educational institutions want to become bigger and stronger can not just look at the bowl of meat and potatoes, Wang Wei knows the establishment of branch and business expansion to the national imperative. But an important question is not knowing how to find customers across the country. Studying abroad had he know the network is an effective marketing model, he saw the young people, especially young people have the desire to study abroad will be through the Internet to obtain information they want to study, and Baidu as the first search engine entrance Chinese happens to fit the needs of Wang Wei’s promotion, so Wang Wei will find Baidu.

Wei "for a long time in the industry is doing a famous study in the UK, so we pick on Baidu specifically for many UK Related words for the promotion, including some famous universities such as the UK, the UK and the UK ranked name. Received very good results, I still remember once, we organized four famous British universities together to do a lecture tour, we do a lot of keyword marketing, received very good results, the promotion of more than and 300 people, we rented a lecture hall full outside the top! "With the help of Baidu, in just 14 years, Wei long Education Advisory Group developed rapidly, now.

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