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The three line of the city nternet travelogue when technology hit mass had a shake to grab red mom

Spring Festival shocked the Internet industry in the most, than the penetration rate of Internet Co for the public. This article is an Internet practitioner to travelogue and thinking, his hometown is an unknown south town line three.


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technology and the public hit a full

yesterday, as director of public relations in a well-known Internet Co of my friends Tucao said: "go home, only to find the home a year has been the transformation of the Internet, the Internet itself as a trendsetter, then pointing out the superiority of uncle aunt, brother and sisters registered QQ, WeChat, gone for ever……"

remember years ago, hovering in our minds the impression is this: a person sitting in front of the computer to the Internet guide home mom and Dad, brother and sister are using computer and Internet tools, we are showing admirable vision.

(PS: Yes, when the QQ in the Spring Festival Evening advertising is such a propaganda, a mother of the difficult words to his son QQ……


now, please throw away the impression that you have OUT, the Internet is no longer your circle of installed X artifact!

that I want to write this article, Internet circle of my friends to my home have Tucao: 90 cousin laughed at his useless BiliBili, Same; Aunt pointing and electronic coupons and local group purchase special purchases for the Spring Festival skills, like a big internet idiot; cousin are scouring the Internet shopping guide to the most affordable clothes, seckill yourself this Taobao ten years buyers… .

and my experience is that a year ago, our parents have only a part of the people in the use of WeChat, and grab the red envelope is just the circle of the Internet since the HIGH game". A year later, aunt aunt two mom and brother…… No matter at home as long as the mobile phone, with a WeChat, and mom in the spring when skilled in the use of mobile phone +iPad micro-blog WeChat grab turns red, and began to guide my attention to grab red time.

according to WeChat official data, new year’s Eve red envelopes to send and receive the total amount of 1 billion 10 million times on,, 20:00-19 on the 18 day of the 00:48, Spring Festival Gala shake interactive total amount of up to 11 billion times. WeChat Spring Festival blessing between the 185 countries sent about 3 trillion kilometers, equivalent to 3 million 700 thousand times in the back and forth between the earth and the moon (from the earth from the moon’s long distance 406 thousand km); 18 22:34 Spring Festival Gala shake interactive peak: 810 million times per minute.

I asked dozens of people in the Internet industry have the same feeling: this year, science and technology and the public really hit a full.

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actually engaged in the Internet industry in recent years, in our common sense

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