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What can we do in the face of the cruel earthquake

: after the 7.8 earthquake occurred in Sichuan County of Wenchuan, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Gansu, Jiangsu, Yunnan and other places there are different degrees of reaction, but we have to ask: where is the magnitude of the earthquake, what? 14:37 yesterday, it is in the 9 minutes after the earthquake, there is the first network forum a number of posts, and quickly set up a special forum, let users publish local information in a timely manner, the first time to understand the scope of friends around the earthquake affected, resolve the earthquake brought about by the psychological shadow.

in the face of the cruel earthquake, as a Chinese, I donated blood, donated money. As an Internet practitioner. What can I do? While collecting information, while planning to build the seismic network (www.dizhen88.com, goodbye edit delete don’t thank you). Thinking of the post disaster bereaved children, helpless old thinking. Tears blurred the eyes that had not been closed all night, frantically finishing the data. Today, the site finally released.

finally, can not help but think of [Premier Wen’s classic quotations]

first or save, save the focus is the hardest hit, the earthquake center, less than the area. We will try our best to never relax. Even under the ruins of a person, we have to rescue in the end. Now the first job is to seize the time to save people, for more than a minute of time may be able to rescue a trapped.

is my Grandpa Wen, the children must hold on, will be saved! I bow to the remains three times. The house cracked and collapsed, and we could repair it. As long as we are here, we will be able to tide over the difficulties and overcome this major natural disaster.

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