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YAHOO was hacked details hackers buy Flash ad browsing that gun

Sina Technology News Beijing time on August 5th, YAHOO announced on Monday, hackers in the past 7 days, the use of YAHOO’s advertising network, to visit YAHOO’s Web site to send malicious code.

The attack, which began in July 28th, has become the latest in a series of attacks on

advertising, which typically has millions of users. It also highlights the industry’s concerns about the Adobe Flash technology, the technology has been a lot of security problems, causing a lot of dissatisfaction with Silicon Valley companies.

"criminals are enjoying it now. Flash is their gospel." The security firm Malwarebytes security researcher Jeremy Segura (Jerome Segura) said. The attack was discovered by Malwarebytes.

hacker attack mechanism is as follows: a group of hackers through YAHOO sports, news and financial websites to buy advertising. When a computer access YAHOO site, it will download the malicious code contained in the ad. However, YAHOO closed the mechanism on Monday.

in this type of attack, malicious software specifically aimed at using the old version of the Adobe Flash computer. Software company Bromium Labs malware researcher Vadim – (Vadim Kotov), said: attack YAHOO users may create huge profits for criminals. So the attack is entirely unexpected."

Kotov and other researchers said that the attack on online advertising is gradually increasing. Hackers can use ad network data to target specific user groups, in order to find loopholes in the computer.

although YAHOO acknowledged the attack, but the company believes that the actual situation is not as serious as described by Malwarebytes.

YAHOO spokesman said in a statement: "we all attach great importance to the potential security threats. Nevertheless, the initial media reports did not elaborate on the size of the attack, we will continue to investigate the matter."

"only YAHOO knows the number of people affected." Segura said, "this is one of the largest attacks we have seen in recent months."

the two companies did not disclose how many people affected by the attack.

after the incident, Adobe has urged users to update the Flash software, to avoid the computer continues to be attacked. "We found that most of the attacks were not installed on the latest version of the software update." A spokesman for the Adobe (Wiebke Lips) – Vic Phillips said. (Yu


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