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Adsense network broadcast Sina V6 official on line pat micro shop official operation

1 either fraud or the history of the most complete P2P problem enterprise list appears!  

if any entrepreneur, to do a P2P net loan company, must be careful. According to net loan home research institute statistics, since 2011 to date (as of October 8, 2014), a total of 202 issues of net loan platform. Statistics show that before 2013 issue platform, to run away and fraud are; 2013 mainly in the capital chain problems caused by the present difficulties in the majority; since 2014, fraud platform comeback.

2 community service providers, community worry free to complete the A round of $20 million financing, 18 months for the three financing  

October 13th morning news, community life service providers worry free to complete the A round of $20 million financing, undisclosed investors. This is the district since the establishment of 18 months after the seed and angel investment, the third access to financing. Allegedly, the company is currently the size of the team over Bayern, pushing nearly 1000 people.

cell worry founder Tang Hao Department of the former Alibaba early market leader, then to today’s small and micro financial reporting in CEO Peng Lei, independent entrepreneurs also served as vice president of anjuke. District worry free core team from Alibaba, WeChat, Google, New Technologies Inc, such as handle. According to the "community worry" the disclosure of official figures show that the super 100 delivery area outer ring in Shanghai, hundreds of a delivery covering about 5000 cells. In the country, cell worry has opened 56 City, 280 thousand radiation area, in order to nearly 1 million service businesses and craftsmen to provide marketing services, service life needs, over a million single day, nearly a year for the community connections and provides services to more than 2 million times.

Tang Hao said that further refinement of the second round of funds will be mainly invested in capillary distribution team size and capacity and service life of the community service, the "craft" groups support, and community service platform of the mobile terminal promotion etc..

3 pat micro shop official operation of individual businesses can also shop WeChat  

after a month of online operation, said Jingdong group pat Network, based on the mobile terminal micro shop – pat micro shop will soon officially open for online pat all enterprises and individual businesses, businesses can apply for opening and decoration pat micro shop by wd.paipai.com.

pat Network relevant responsible person said, during the closed beta pat selects 5000 businesses opened micro pat shop and complete the renovation operations, at the same time, pat Network will open all pat micro shop businesses to provide a unified WeChat payment function, which consumers can pay in pat micro shop any businesses through WeChat shopping, payment payment to pat the account, consumers.

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