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A novice webmaster to say

took my first


station error + experience + advice to also want to take part in the Internet novice compatriots. At the same time can also take this opportunity to really out of date! Bless me!

1 site positioning

error: I made a very kind of mineral industry is very popular website (mainly to see the master said that now the station to do the better, to let a glance at Chinaz

people know what our station is doing

my experience: I now according to my statistics, my station 36% are directly enter my domain name, as well as the name of the 13% search my website, the rest is the search brings

. I’m posting a lot of my friends are wondering what I stand is

my advice: to carry forward the spirit of Confucius, we want to keep the golden mean, at least to ordinary people can be, unless you are not personal webmaster not to make money

2 domain name host

my mistake: just want to play at the beginning, so in a foreign free space began to do the station, to the time when the traffic is often not open the page or too slow

there is a record is not convenient.

my experience: to engage in a foreign space test procedures used to really engage in or buy a regular host it, too many people suffer

my advice: 1) a good domain name is not a short number or high priced domain name, is not too long or too long pinyin or English domain name, it is best to meet both the search and

in line with the Chinese people accustomed to the domain name.

2) recommended to buy a double line, the size of the need to see. It is important for the host to be stable, fast, and able to record.

3 search engine submission

my mistake: well after waiting for 2 days did not see a spider climb over, unbearable, my Baidu, Google and Yahoo are presented on the


my experience: in the old age to see some of the old advice that some of the more popular keyword competition is more intense, because in front of the possible with Baidu’s

interest group related, so to Baidu own collection.

my advice: do some original content in other stations do a connection to sit and wait for the spider to climb you. Included later, an article about 3-5 days, until Baidu for your

included a number of more than 10

4 called SEO optimization

my mistake: do not understand the industry, to seize a few key words, although a few key words to do the first Baidu but only about 2000 per day PV

my experience: don’t rush to big companies

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