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Taobao com crown brush brush off costs 3500 7000 yuan monthly income of 90 thousand 18 million

          "want a sound is brush off advertising, two rings is buyer inquiries." On taobao.com shop for three years of small, after a long period of self training, has been able to make a correct judgment according to the big sound, how quickly back to the computer.

3Run every day will receive more than 10 brush drill advertising, if not to judge means are packaged, contact phone purchase is 3Run 3Run, is tally 3Run, must put down the work at hand, from five to ten metres of the jump back to the computer desk, a day to be playing "a dozen times.

The new

store manager most willing to spend

brush drill behind the advertisement is a get in by every opening, semi secret gray industrial chain. In the Baidu input "brush drill" keyword, pop up to the relevant record of more than and 70 pages, of which there are dozens of professional brush drill network information.

anonymity brush drill net told reporters, from the current market, brush drill (251 points) the costs between 150-300 yuan, two (501) of the drilling costs between 300-750 yuan, and so on, brush a crown (10001 points) the cost is about 3500-7000 yuan. Average to each credit point, the cost of 0.6-1.2 yuan.

"how to enhance the credibility of the best in the shortest time, is the most troublesome problem for new dispensers, it can be said that the ten shop nine brush." The source said that in Taobao, eBay, pat or Baidu has ah, the high reputation of the shop not only can obtain the trust of buyers First impressions are strongest, but also improve the baby search rankings. Some studies have shown that the credibility of the shop is usually proportional to the level of good or bad business. For example, 1 drill shop monthly income of about $2000, the monthly income of the 2 drill shop is about $4000, the monthly income of the 3 drill shop in about $6000.

face the temptation of high profits, many sellers are willing to spend money on the credibility of speculation. The source told reporters that they have a lot of zero credit customers, from the beginning of the target set for the 3 brush drill. For ordinary sellers, it may take 1-3 years to reach this level, and on behalf of the brush as long as one or two months.

professional brush off revenue

shop sellers at the expense of hundreds of thousands of dollars, gave birth to a strong reputation on behalf of the brush needs to feed a large number of professional brush.

it is understood that the current prevalence of professional brush drill network, more than a dozen staff members of a small team, with thousands of Taobao trumpet (specifically used to brush the credibility of the Taobao account). According to the 1000 Taobao trumpet, the revenue of each point of 0.6-1.2 yuan revenue calculation, each of the Taobao trumpet just take 50 generations to brush the task every day, you will be able to complete the daily income of 3000-6000 yuan, monthly income of 90 thousand -18 yuan.

in addition to the generation of brush, for individual brush off and fry the credibility of the seller to provide each other

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