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Pornographic sites involved in the registration of unknown fear

Beijing 5 80 yellow website moderator will stand trial the residue team is still in the "normal"

Legal Daily reporter Li Jie Jie Legal Daily intern Wu Meng

5 after 80 boys, originally not acquainted with each other, but will stand together in Beijing in March 2nd, the people’s Court on the defendant’s seat.

all of which they had originated from the common identity — yellow forum moderator.

these 5 suspects had a good job, have a university culture, of which 1 people have a master’s degree, but pornographic pictures, fans". A pornographic website "regulars", was the senior manager fancy website, "promote" a different forum moderators. Since then, the management section of obscene became their "second occupation", but they refuse to take any payment for, had enough eye addiction, just to meet the desire……

when the moderator only to enhance the browsing permissions

29 year old Zhang after graduating from college, successfully found a job in a network information company. Zhang is a professional computer science, master a lot of computer skills. And his daily work and computer network contact, just can use their own professional, combined with the work is very hard, so income is not cheap. And ordinary workers in the community compared to Zhang has been regarded as a veritable white-collar".

, however, for the work of Zhang is not satisfied, leisure often browse the internet. By chance, he found a website called "naked China". There are a large number of pornographic pictures and videos on the site, attracting Zhang’s eye. Zhang after watching pornographic pictures and videos, feel particularly exciting. From then on, he often went to the site to browse, and thus become an ordinary member of the site.

and Zhang are similar, after 80 segment, Chen and other university graduates, including Chen and master’s degree. They have a good job, are living a comfortable white-collar life, but has become a naked Chinese website ordinary members.

although the four people in real life do not know each other, but they are naked in China is very familiar with, is the obscene website regulars".

according to several people confessed, "naked Chinese" website was originally open, ordinary members can watch pornographic pictures and videos on the site for free, then the site charges, because there is no ordinary members view permissions cannot see pornographic content on the website. At this time, they should be on the site administrator, have been "promoted" into different forum moderators.

does not belong to pornographic content will be deleted upload

is the moderator Forum on the Internet version of the Lord, as the forum management role, generally by ordinary users to apply for the position of the forum, the site audit, or the applicant "hired" after the election. Have moderators, it is entitled to in section >

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