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NDRC New Year Spring Festival will be attracted to large electricity providers false promotion

December 25 Xinhua (reporter Jiang Guocheng) according to the national development and Reform Commission on 25 2013, during the new year and Spring Festival promotional activities, the price departments at all levels will focus on large-scale e-commerce operators, seriously investigate the promotional price higher than the original price, the price does not fulfill commitments, conceal price additional conditions and other illegal activities.

also called for the strengthening of the development and Reform Commission during the Spring Festival railway, civil aviation, highway, waterway and city bus, taxi and other transport price checks and inspections, and resolutely implement the State Council on "to determine the major holidays toll free minibus plan" Huimin policy, to crack down on illegal fare increases during the Spring Festival, the price of illegal charges the behavior, and effectively reduce the mass of holiday travel costs.

recently, the development and Reform Commission issued a notice, requiring departments at all levels to strengthen price of grain and oil, liquefied gas, milk food and other necessities of life especially the monitoring and supervision of market and the price of local residents daily consumption of the basic characteristics of food, vegetable varieties, focused on investigating the operators by using false information spread prices, sell accumulation means drive up the price, and the use of monopoly supply, compulsory agency, agreed alliance and other means to manipulate the price, actively prevent and properly deal with the abnormal price fluctuations in the market, maintain the normal order of market price.

development and Reform Commission also called for the strengthening of holiday tourism market price regulation, and tour operators to "zero negative membership fee" "special offer" false or misleading price publicity, attract tourists and organizations behavior, and provide services in the price or price fraud, build a good tourism market environment.

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