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Grassroots webmaster business transformation Li Xingping comeback Cai Xuan North drift

about 80 years later, many people will think about Dai Zhikang (blog), Li Xiang, Zheng Li, Mao Kankan, Gao ran, Zhao Ning, Chen Xi and other string name, many of which have been forgotten name.


name is rarely mentioned, have already been "achieve success and win recognition long before these 80 years after the billionaire". Li Xingping, the famous Hao123 in 2004 by Baidu to ten million in cash + stock acquisition, the year he was 24 years old. Cai Xuan, in 1998 to design China’s first sharing software super rabbit, one of the most successful sharing software, that year he was 23 years old.


Li Xingping

Compared to

and 80 years after the billionaire’s aura, Li Xingping, Cai Xuan who seem unremarkable, without the favor of capital, but not the darling of the media, even in the middle of the free edge, they are in their own way in the survival and development. Someone said, if they have built the site together a website that will undoubtedly be the largest flow Chinese website is China.

2009, Li Xingping quietly teamed up with Cai Wensheng for the first time, Cai quietly moved headquarters to the capital. These owners like grass like from behind the rock exposed sharp angle, began commercial operation of the deeper try. They have a common aspiration of "grassroots webmaster can do bigger and stronger."

Li Xingping teamed up with

character sketch: Li Xingping, born in 1979, Guangdong, Xingning,, junior high school. 2004, ten million in cash +4 million shares to sell its website Hao123. Known as the first real meaning of personal webmaster. But people familiar with him know that Li Xingping is a hardcore geek, once out of the line of life, will be at a loss.

"I’m waiting for a new opportunity, and I’ll start again in the future." After the sale of Hao123, Li Xingping has been waiting for such an opportunity.

also through the web site 265.com and achieve success and win recognition "of Cai Wensheng, after being acquired by Google, is also looking for the next target.

May 20th, a special day and a special news, the two people together. This day, "Cai Wensheng Li Xingping’s investment website 4399.com" news spread like wildfire, a lot of people, 4399 Cai Wensheng will be the next battleground. But many people do not see, this is the first time Cai Wensheng and Li Xingping joint.

in the afternoon, Cai Wensheng hurried to call the NetEase of science and technology to clarify the acquisition rumors, "and Li Xingping Shenzhen has been a long time, there is no acquisition of who’s to say." Li Xingping and praising "the most cattle people on the domestic customer demand and product experience understanding." Li Xingping also revealed to the author on the line, Cai Wensheng will bring 4399 to the direction of planning and management experience."

in fact, this is not the first time Li Xingping and Cai Wensheng close together

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