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Turkey embassy web site was once again more than black hacker spoof warning

friends broke the news that the ADMIN5, the Chinese Embassy in Turkey, following the 13 hackers on the site prominently in the message, asking the government of Turkey not to interfere in China’s internal affairs after being black again. Hackers today in the message on the website of the plate position of the protest action, looks more like a reprint of the spoof spoof tricky community posts, rather than warning.


Turkey’s China Embassy in July 14th by the black page screenshot

ADMIN5 editor after receiving the news broke down on the same day around 15 o’clock in the Turkey Embassy website (http://s.turkey.org.cn/), found to be able to log on, just open slower. But in the Chinese Webpage after the "news center" position, the top row of the scarlet letter impressively show a letter to your title, "said the show time is Monday, July 13, 2009. This message claiming to be "Mafia Baron" hackers in the letter, said, "the Xinjiang issue is China’s internal affairs, please do not take this country to intervene in China’s internal affairs."

he said, for Turkey officials called for a boycott of the country China goods and goods such as "Chinese protesters burned, do not want to say too radical to say, but if Turkey wants to join the EU China to hurt people, that whether the United States or the European Union, Chinese people are not afraid, we have the confidence and ability to overcome all". He expressed the hope that the ambassador of Turkey can see the aspirations of the Chinese people. Hackers today in the whole site plate position on a protest to move, it looks more like a reprint of community spoof posts, tricky spoof components have more than a warning.  

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