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Watercress FM earn free user advertising to loading force user charges

recently paid version of watercress FM line, 10 yuan a month fee, the official opening of the user charging mode of exploration, watercress claimed that the selling point is higher quality and advertising interference". This science and technology website SocialMouths commented on this, saying watercress FM will also be implemented in the future free and fee coexistence mode. With the increase of free users, the advertising value will be more and more big, advertising will be more and more, a part of the external users may still choose free model, and the depth of the user, there will be more and more people pay their listening quality assurance through.

The following is the full text of SocialMouths published on


I can not count on the depth of watercress users, but I was still on the iPad to download the watercress FM client, at night in bed, while brushing micro-blog, while listening to music. Usually in the PC, will also listen to music with watercress FM, while writing something. These two days, when I was using watercress FM, suddenly found watercress FM launched a charge version, divided into 10 dollars and $two files. It is said that the charge version, higher quality and will be exempt from advertising.

on the issue of watercress FM charges, I discussed on micro-blog. Some netizens believe that in the network bandwidth and hardware upgrade today, high-quality music charges are the trend. In a certain period of time, the general quality free, high quality music playback and download the monthly or package of services is also a major music company charge common mode. QQ music from the green to DouBan FM’s charges, and now Baidu music download high quality analysis, in the future, high-quality music charges imperative. Some netizens also think, too early to Douban FM fees, people are unlikely to accept payment habits and online music.

I do not have the option to upgrade to charge users. On the one hand is because I am not music fancier, and not too high requirements for music, improve the sound quality is not enough to attract me to pay. In addition, the bean FM is basically no advertising, although in the songs of the time, was suddenly jumped out of the campus recruitment advertising a fright, sporadic advertising does not cause much disturbance to me to listen to music. Far less than Youku video sites such as video advertising to a longer extent.

if I put it before, I was the one who did not believe that online music can charge. Because the bean FM music, can find in Baidu or other platforms are free things, how could the charge? If the watercress FM fees, I can choose other free platform, how will it be possible to put things free not to spend the money,


after I used a watercress FM, I changed my mind, if the future of advertising too much, I may also choose to upgrade to a charge of the user. I rely on watercress FM, not these ubiquitous music, but its recommendation system. I am not a literary youth, but I still do not like some very popular music, and watercress F>

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