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nternet new error code 451

[Abstract] the meaning of "451" is: "the official review" for legal reasons.

people often get on the Internet, will certainly encounter 4XX series of HTTP error code, such as 404 Not Found representatives can not find the server, on behalf of the site refused to visit Forbidden 403. According to foreign media reports, the Internet Engineering Steering Committee (IESG) recently formally approved a new HTTP error code "451" to represent "for legal reasons and official review" content.

reports that the Internet Engineering Steering Committee (IESG), which is responsible for the development of network operating standards, said in a statement, "the code means that, because of the legal consequences of the official refused to visit". IESG also suggested that the official on the web page to specify who is to prevent access to this web site, and state the reasons.

Prior to

, when the official website was blocked access, error code is usually 403, for example, in 2012 the British High Court judge, the popular "Pirate Bay" document sharing site must be the British network service providers to block access, so 403 of the code has been used at the time.

suggested that Google uses 451 code (micro-blog) former engineer Tim · Gabriel said, "in the proposal, 451 on behalf of this code is not accessible due to legal reasons at the same time, has also been suggested that it should list the specific legal restrictions, and they belong to what type of website."

Mark, head of the · Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), Nottingham, welcomed the introduction of error codes and said "you can start using it immediately."". But he added that the Internet Engineering Task Force could not guarantee that all web service providers would use the code for legal reasons. (China Daily)

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