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Nora responded by police investigation the company’s normal operation was arrested rumors

read: Nora shut down the server event upgrade: police pass into the company pass a large number of police entered Nora’s internal mail to appease employees of the company, no problem today Nora stalls thing: "the lair was a large number of police" net exposure Nora was involved in the investigation of police response: the company is no problem

Nora responded by police investigation: normal operation of the company was arrested

[TechWeb] reported on April 22nd news, according to micro-blog broke the 11 this morning Nora large number of police entered the company, controlling all the staff, our micro-blog official responded that morning Nora does have the police come to understand some cases, but Nora’s police surrounded, some were taken regarding pure rumor, the company is currently operating normally.

also circulated on the Internet a fast CEO Wang Xin e-mail, e-mail, said: everyone, do not worry, there is no problem with the company, lawyers on the way. We’re all involved in things." TechWeb call Wang Xin, a woman claiming to Nora employees answered the phone, said that Wang Xin on a business trip.

analysis, the survey may be related to the recent actions related to pornography. It is understood that the national pornography working group office, the Ministry of public security and other government departments have jointly launched the anti pornography – net net 2014 special action, in mid April to November, a nationwide unified campaign against online pornography information, a comprehensive inventory of online pornographic information. There are informed sources, Nora may encounter competitors report, the police are just routine checks.

April 17th, Nora announced restructuring, said it will clear up on its platform involving piracy and inappropriate content, the next year invested 100 million yuan in the construction of genuine content, and close the qvod server to stop VOD based on IP multicast and downloads. (Ming Yu)

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