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A5 topic member of the dissemination of pornography caught M M Apartman Hotel porn sites were destro


users to spread pornographic content over ten thousand, the police involved in the law. Recently, the police cracked the country’s largest pornographic website case, with the M+M Apartman Hotel, the world’s registered users of millions of Chinese pornographic websites to destroy, 2148 suspects have been controlled by the police.

it is understood that the "M+M Apartman Hotel" site is located in the United States in 2009, established in January, consists of 11 total blocks, 78 sub sector, more than 40 theme for, post number more than 800, 90% post involving pornographic content, pictures, text and video. Site management and access permissions set tight, from top to bottom is divided into three levels, respectively, the site administrator level, general manager level, registered member level, the number of registered members up to more than one million, great influence. During the arrest, a total of 2148 people were arrested, detained 530 people, 910 people of public security punishment, education admonished 656 people, 52 people be exempted from punishment.

according to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau network security corps Deputy captain Zheng Hao introduction, Beijing police arrested all the suspects for men. Among them, 18 years old, there are up to 2.63%, accounting for the proportion of the age of 19 to the age of 9.21%, accounting for up to the age of 23, accounting for up to 32.90%, the age of 27 to the age of 30 accounted for more than 27.73%, more than 31 years of age of up to $27.63% for the age of two, accounting for more than $26. Enterprises and institutions of staff, government departments for 34 civil servants, unemployed for the 20, the students of the other, there are 20 other personnel.

crazy porn incident was known to break the law

31 year old man "Thirteen little" as an important suspect in the case, who is the "M+M Apartman Hotel" customers moderator, post, delete posts, membership rewards and punishment "reins". When he was in control of the police, he had posted 1406 pornographic pictures at the M+M Apartman Hotel.

"Thirteen less" said that in February 2010, he began to contact "M+M Apartman Hotel". At first, as a beginner, he was able to "Browse" pornographic content in a common area as a tourist. At that time, the website provides that if you want to see the M+M Apartman Hotel boutique video, you must upload or pay to join the membership. In order to browse more content, he chose to post earn points to upgrade the membership. In the next 5 months, as long as he has the time to soak in the site, and constantly send Posts upload pictures, the site’s executives will give him a score of 3 to 5 points. At that time, after 11 p.m., he became the busiest time, his wife had advised, but he did not listen.

then, "more and more integral thirteen less", also received a lot of status to the site where the "Medal", he more and more permissions on the site, he can not only browse pornographic pictures, also can watch pornographic videos for free. Until one day, the recruitment website issued a "moderator" news, "Thirteen little" submit "

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