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China’s legitimate film website alliance sounded the anti piracy video network

January 8th, Chinese copyright protection center, Chinese film copyright protection association, the movie network, and quark unitv people.com.cn, qianlong.com, Chinese, Baidu, ifeng.com and a number of joint website announced the launch of "Chinese genuine movie website alliance cooperation program in Beijing, union website will be strictly self-discipline, mutual supervision, public commitment adhere to the" genuine fight against piracy".

recently, Chinese blockbuster "the Warlords" assembly "is still in the national cinema during the hit, it was pirated video has been in a number of video sharing sites even appear on the portal site, directly to the film cinema box office extension and fulfillment of the commercial value of the serious impact. "Sejie" "apple" films such as Internet piracy situation is more shocking.

Chinese has become the world’s second largest Internet market at present, the video content is the strong force of network culture consumption. However, due to the neglect of the copyright problem, the video program, especially the most popular film video, has become the first choice of Internet piracy. A large number of video sharing sites, podcasts, illegal free download sites, in the name of all kinds of excuses and openly provide movie video playback and download pirated online service, causing the majority of Internet users free consumer habits, so that the commercial value of the flow of the rapid devaluation of Internet piracy; movie video makes the film work, content consumers, content operation business and the interests of investors can not be guaranteed, the network of pirated movies have severely damaged the Chinese Internet market order, impair the development of the film industry. Private production company Huayi Brothers Group President Wang Zhongjun said, last year, China’s investment in the production of more than and 200 domestic films, most investors are at a loss. Piracy has become the biggest constraint to the development of Chinese film. Last year, the growth of China’s movie box office is not unrelated to anti piracy." Hengdian film and television entertainment Co., Ltd., a recent market survey shows that the core audience of Chinese film audience is 18 years old -24 years old young people, their main way to see the film through the network. Chen Jinhai, chairman of the company said that the first day of a movie in the theater, second days there will be dozens of sites to follow up to provide video playback or download.

as the world’s first genuine free movie network, quark movie network (www.quacor.com) to Chinese Copyright Protection Center (belonging to the publication of the National Copyright Administration News), Chinese film copyright protection association, in conjunction with other copyright awareness website co sponsored the preparation of "alliance China genuine movie website". The establishment of "Chinese genuine movie website alliance, to purify the market, regulate market order, to guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of all parties; to ensure the quality of network television, keep the site commercial value and brand value, to provide better service for consumers.

"we firmly believe that with increasing state of film copyright and other intellectual property rights management, content providers and network operators to enhance awareness of copyright, legal rights behavior increasing, believe China copyright market will become increasingly clean. >

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