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The next ten years the development trend on the nternet all powerful

the arrival of the Internet may not be electricity, unlike the fire that people suddenly feel light, but its influence is "silent", many people use the Internet only equivalent to surf the Internet, if you ask him, he would do without the Internet, he may pat chest said. I’m not landlords, not just QQ, not to go to Taobao, do not go to the forum…… And so on, and in fact, the application of the Internet will not only stop here, if one day you can not transfer from the bank, you can not book tickets, can not solve the problem can not be solved anytime, anywhere Google…… You will feel very uncomfortable? So we know that the Internet has become a part of life, more and more people can not be missing so we have to be a prophet, look at the Internet development trend which come in the future will see.


Internet will enter the era of

in the future, more and more people use the Internet, although it seems to be nonsense, but it is an indisputable fact, maybe because of economic and cultural factors that like many of our parents’ generation of people can not accept the Internet, but now nine years of compulsory education has made fewer and computer illiterate. And broadband costs are a way to fall, everything is not a problem, the Internet age naturally come, like the National Science Foundation (National Science Foundation) forecast, 2020 global Internet users will increase to 5 billion.

computers will no longer be a single big

now the computer is still the main equipment, people of Internet applications in the future, this situation will be changed, instead of the city infrastructure more, according to the National Science Foundation will be expected in the future there will be billions of installed in the interior of the building bridges sensor will be connected to the Internet, people will use these the sensors to monitor the power and security situation, it is estimated that this number is much more than the number of users, and on the computer.

wireless is an inevitable trend

now people’s lives, work circle has been an unprecedented expansion, here today, tomorrow, so the wireless network has been popular, and in the future, there must be no less than. According to Informa is expected, by 2014, the number of users of the global wireless broadband network will be raised to about 2 billion 500 million people, so that is the inevitable trend of wireless.

Internet network management will be more automated

in addition to security vulnerabilities, the current Internet technology is the biggest problem is the lack of a built-in network management technology. The National Science Foundation hopes scientists will be able to develop technologies that can automatically manage the Internet, such as self diagnostic protocols, automatic restart system technology, more sophisticated network data collection, network event tracking >

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