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Ha loan closed aftermath network lending platform facing mode choice

network loan industry has become the focus of attention, along with one of the well-known website haha announced the closure of the loan, quickly aroused the concern of all parties.


has announced it will soon closed down the site, but the loan ha founder jazon field still do not change their enthusiasm for the industry, "I am still very optimistic about the industry," he said firmly, "if money permitting, I will still insist on doing it."

a rigorous website closed

July 21st, ha ha credit team announced, starting on September 2, 2011, we will stop all haha loan service." Haha credit was founded in May 2009, has developed nearly 100 thousand members, and said he is China’s most stringent online lending platform".

"we have always insisted on strict practice, in terms of interest rate control and the flow of funds are strictly enforced in accordance with the provisions, so it will be hard to do. Starting in April of this year, we have begun to inform customers that we may be closed to allow them to solve the problem." Yao Zongchang said.

since its inception in 2007 the first network lending platform, which belongs to private lending P2P version will continue by the community and media attention, including the mode of operation, safety, legality, risk such as every kind of attention.

nearly two years, due to the popularity of private lending, China’s increasing number of lending platform. "I suddenly found this year, around the emergence of a lot (online lending platform), there are dozens of Shenzhen." A customer who has two years of online lending experience, a lot of people want to share a cup of tea, the development of fast".

at the same time, P2P private lending model is more and more recognized by the public. The ha ha loan was announced at this time to close, Yao looked very helpless, said the announcement, the main reason for the closure is based on the current Chinese market credit problems and ha ha credit is currently operating capital shortage".

Localization of

Zopa model

in the operation mode of HA loan, lending companies only provide a platform, completely not involved in related business between the borrower and the lender, review and evaluation of qualified personnel will be responsible for the website of the borrower, but also provide a credit rating. Yao in the field of the heart, the best model is to refer to Zopa, the establishment of a similar platform.

Zopa was founded in 2005 in the UK, the industry that P2P lending platform first, also became the blueprint for many domestic net loan platform model, platform company for registration of the borrower qualifications examination and credit rating, the lender’s funds will be dispersed investment for many borrowers to spread risk.

some other domestic net loan companies in the introduction of domestic time on this model made a small change. Hongling Ventures

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