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Talk about the blind business owners more novice advice

      1 I don’t have any money now, unemployed one. Want to rely on the network to find a way out for themselves! Only a little understanding of the Internet HTML, the Internet is in the Internet cafes, I would like to ask you what I should be able to refuse to make money quickly, I just want to earn 2000 yuan is enough.

      2 is a foreign company employee, the monthly income of 2000 yuan, but the overall feeling is hard to listen to friends that the website can make money, and also don’t like us tired. How do I get started?

      3 I was a student, very love website, I have most of their time and living expenses are contributed to the network, I am very helpless, I hope through the network to start a business, but I do not get the support of family and friends.

      in the face of a strange friend of the problem, I am helpless but also very sympathetic. I don’t know how to help them, and I don’t know how to change this situation. I will write down a little bit of what I want for my friends who have not yet set foot on the internet! At the same time, I hope the webmaster friends in the network will be forwarded to you to enter the website industry friends!

      network owners should be more users hope their arguably better, we should be more publicity in this occupation, let more people understand, more people to join, to become our future potential users. But can we do that? The answer is clear, we can’t do this! Look at the entire IT circle, we get some personal webmaster what world? Our individual stationmaster net root, in the face of income more and more poor today, we have any reason to let more people join in?

      Internet business has not as like as long as two years ago, a small website, a SP, a Taobao guide, send spam, a monthly income of million times. I had been told that rice farmers friends, rational treatment of domain name investment, today I want to tell to enter the industry, the Internet business should be more rational to treat!

      webmaster network can not see more people into this abyss, especially for the students who are still reading stage, your current task is to study hard! Maybe you are tired of the boring school life, but I can clearly tell you the same network, boring, and even sometimes depressed you want to! The network is not your refuge, you know only a little knowledge of HTML, it means you have many way to go, if it wants to make money for the family, the network did not really become a gold in the vault, take?


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