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Xin Zhi Cheng blog marketing or blog marketing

in people shouting "make money" put up a pageantry blog, blog marketing slogan, personal or business blog itself is also changing. In terms of the actual performance of the current commercial blog, blog soft text and blog advertising occupy the blog, away from the integration of the blog economics should be spread mode. In fact, the so-called blog marketing blog marketing can only be called more in name than in reality.

remembers a few years ago, blogging was a popular day. All the blogs you read at that time were expressing personal opinions, some were showing personal life, and others were making comments about a recent new gadget. They do not sell, just express their views, in the process, some people will try to mention some of their products.

today’s blog changes very large. Bloggers do, in an effort to include products, advertising, click on the rate of return and even self promotion. We are now writing blogs to promote rather than simply comment.

today we do a few points to the blog marketing:

1, selling

one thing is to avoid letting the reader have the feeling of being promoted. Because apart from some people who like to focus on midnight TV promotions, direct marketing programs, most people are tired of selling.

2, logic

blog marketing should use strict logic to convince others. Make sure your argument is strong and the evidence is sufficient.

3, data

An example of

references to well founded. Examples and data are more powerful than personal views. If it is to write comments, personal opinion is very important, but generally speaking, the blog should be based on examples.

4, expert

can cite expert conclusions. People believe that experts are more trusting of their arguments, so they can be used as much as possible.

5, language

avoid using emotional language. To promote, you need to be polite.

6, convince

you should welcome the opposition and try to convince him. Try to convince your readers not to have any more questions, because you have solved all the problems. The key is to know that you are dealing with others. When we write a blog, we often read the reader as a reader and ignore the fact that they are actually people. Think of them as friends and try to persuade them like friends. Because the current blog, although there are changes but will not develop into commercial advertising.

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