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Discussion on content marketing of Enterprise Station Promotion

Hello, I am old boy SEO Liang Lei studio, enterprise promotion and operation has been so many business owners have a headache, now SEO is already known to every family, but the drawbacks of SEO is completely unmasked, how to operate a business stand alone is not enough SEO, our ultimate aim or order and volume. Here again the concept mentioned a commonplace talk of an old scholar: user experience (UE). Why is it that most of the company’s UE is low? I think the biggest problem is that the site is not attractive, more precisely, there is no good content. Of course, in addition to the content, we have a lot of other details need to be improved, but we are very clear that the content is the soul of the site, the site does not have the same content as a human without a soul.

said this to give you what science is content marketing: is the use of text, pictures, text, animation and media convey relevant content about the enterprise customer trust to accept your product, and then promote the sales, we can use micro-blog and blog platform to do the content of the enterprise marketing, of course its official website is the main marketing platform, but throughout the moment many enterprise website, content to be all the same, the products and services of display form is too single, most of them are text. Although there are pictures of the product show, but the picture is too inflexible display. Take a look at the following typical case:

first: corporate news occupies the dominant position


General of small and medium-sized enterprises is actually not much news, but from the user’s point of view, the main customers to access a corporate website is products and services for business news, I think very few users or visitors will pay attention to. So the important position of the navigation bar on the "news, business news" is too wasteful, the corporate website to promote their products or corporate image, through these to improve the actual sales, with the popularity of e-commerce, more and more enterprises believe that e-commerce is the future trend of development, and network marketing will as an important sales channel. Enterprise news can have, but should not be in the most prominent navigation location, site navigation should be placed on the site to provide services or product information. What your clients need what kind of service? I think part of advisory services, the other part is the purchase of services, so news consulting can be replaced by online quiz, there are professionals to answer problem visitors mention, and customer service is not quite the same. Customer service is responsible for the sale of products.

second: product image effect is not good


product image blurred, or product description text is very small, and even no description. Such a product display makes it difficult for users to attract users, but it is difficult for users to learn more information about the product, we can only pass on the Internet

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