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Experience sharing QQ space marketing brought about by the high conversion rate

these days, a friend asked me to write something for you. I was going to write two days ago. But in the home of the cable to today’s friends come over to me. Speaking of QQ space marketing, it is estimated that many people will not be unfamiliar, many people should have been used. But your marketing has played a role, whether to bring you income?

every day have a lot of friends in the forum posts, to show off their IP through how many million, through the QQ space marketing, one day bring you how much IP, then I ask you, how much revenue these IP for you? In a word, we do, in addition to love this industry. To make money. No money, no time to do that? How many webmaster breakthrough million IP, to reflect on why a month can only earn thousands of


QQ space is a very good marketing platform, you can easily to the people you want to serve the marketing, the following I use an example to explain to you all aspects of this. This is a way I used in June this year. Or do weight loss products, because of the violence. I didn’t want to make a lot of money. I was just trying to test the feasibility of the method. Facts have proved that fully feasible.

I applied for five new QQ numbers. In the QQ group search, each QQ number plus 10 weight loss related groups. So I now have fifty groups of resources. Each group has an average of 100 people, and now I have about more than 5 thousand people. How do I get them to see my promotion? Start adding friends and adding friends to everyone in the group. I do not have much, each number of hours or more about 100 friends. So now my number five add up to the number of friends is about 500. This is not a small number of goals, because these are my target population, since they are in the weight loss group, most of them should have this part of the problem.

then I Google a few times, looking for losing weight a few relatively attractive articles, a spell, and then played a very tempting for people to lose weight title. Of course, at the end of the article, the reader does not feel the case of advertising, coupled with my sales page url. And then began to use Tencent more powerful sharing function. I used one of the numbers to publish this article, and then use this number to share the log. The rest of my four QQ numbers in turn to share this log. Customer service on the site to the sister care.

I’ve spent the whole morning doing these jobs. The longest time is wasted in the addition of friends and groups above. In the afternoon, my friend asked me to go to play billiards, and then to sing, until around 10 p.m.. I used to look at the sales page IP, more than and 100. Because I do not have any of the individual sales page in any other place to do publicity, so you can ensure that these IP things come from the readers of QQ space. Log on to view the QQ log, the number of shares has been >

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