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Website promotion network operation of the three nodes

Lv Benfu past remarks:

1 wave of the rise of the Internet giant experience: the flow of the first no flow of the company can not talk about the rise, there will be problems. The second rule is simple. For example, Baidu is search. If it is sold to Li Si after Zhang San, Wang sold five to Wang, Wang from the money there to make money, then there is a problem of the five, and so on, the king of the world, there is a problem. Sina has also done a lot, do online games, and later found that can be expanded in terms of content, it is not in other ways to expand. Many people are doing the search, it is not unsuccessful, it may not be your strengths, this is what we say, to be simple. The third is luck. Luck is a law. Get well, at that time, at that point in time, the risk of investment is actually a you. You said Robin Li, he is very sure to do this thing Baidu? There are 30% to 50% luck, and not a little luck.

The key factors of

on the rise of the Internet: the first to have a unique business model, but this is really like a commonplace talk of an old scholar. The first is the business model, the second is the ability to operate, including the ability to combine the business model and the market, the integration of various resources, etc.. But when the company is big, the first is the operation, the model has stabilized, and more is to operate and find their core competitiveness. So different stages are different.

2 possible future " rising " domain

I prefer the vertical industry. Objectively speaking, I think to do some common things, whether it is worth mentioning, 2 worth mentioning, for example, do email, do IM, do search, do news, do blog, entrepreneurs have no chance to do. This is a common application, because these giants in. Very simple, Fang Xingdong just blog, Sina put it very badly. Where are the opportunities? In an industry. For example, recruitment, Sina can not do, Sina channel are sold to others. Can you do it? Can you do it? So I think, in these vertical industries, entrepreneurs have a chance. Even like industrial appliances. Because of such an industry, so the Internet is often related to the industry’s knowledge, which is not a common portal can not do. You ask me what is more optimistic, I am not particularly optimistic about 2, I think the value of the 2, but from the entrepreneurial perspective, the vertical field may be more opportunities.   the future of the industry and regional sites will be more potential and value.

3 on the Internet brand " rise; " brand awareness or reputation be like a traditional industry association, like HUAWEI, have a distance. Why is there a gap? The social responsibility of Internet companies, as well as the contribution to the whole society and the impact on the economy, is not enough. Not to say that Internet companies will not have such a company, in the United States has reached the mainstream of Google.

marketing approach should be:


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