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Network push the bride Network Marketing Taboo concept hype was commercialized

these two days to see a speculation on the concept of rice wine industry, wine bank, which is a wine museum in Shandong, Qingdao launched a new investment concept, a launch on the concern. Push forward with the same as liquid assets investment". This is not a lot of speculation to the popularization and application of network marketing in the end, most of the concepts we now search and speculation are money, in any case this coating has not faded.

even network comments: "two years ago, Pu’er Tea speculation is more expensive than gold, the end result? There is a flower, but is a kind of plant, sought after by investors into gold in gold, and now Yellow Wine, these are actually is only a medium for investors. Independent and practical value of these goods itself, Pu’er Tea finally to drink, but also Yellow Wine, a round of investment boom receded, all bare in truth."

as a network hype insiders, Tokyo bride that this phenomenon is not in the minority, the reason is because people are afraid of the concept of speculation. But we should give the concept of speculation are today, it did not reach that level on the concept of "" pale, although full of all the concepts in the network hype is a lie. This is a powerful we do not see it, just before the Internet marketer is CCTV named "networkunderworld".

Some of the concepts of

as far as we understand are commercial, commercial concept of the so-called speculation it is the ultimate goal of misappropriating so established in an unequal basis, for example, many health care products before the concept of speculation, the purpose of it is to the final sales, and in this concept itself is not a point of inheritance. So when a concept is born to destroy it destroys the interests of some people, this may be the wolf came a version of the story.

most of the time the concept of speculation is not part of the elements of life, become a public philosophy affecting people’s lives, and become a means of businessmen used to generate value, common way listed before the company needs packaging, it must have a bright appearance in order to attract people’s attention. Internet marketer bride thinks, the birth of a new industry is bound to wrap a pleasing appearance, this is like a baby, naked birth, birth of his maturing time must be dressed in the face of the world, this is the nature of truth.

network push the bride think, we can not deny the existence of any kind of marketing model, is now bound to stabilize the network pushing hands. The concept of speculation is also a kind of marketing model, the same, slightly control will become a good marketing model, firstly it quickly identified the concept of a product, and give the concept of value, and this value is becoming the object of word-of-mouth, such as before the LOHAS transfer is a kind of life the concept of a green concept, people are willing to share the good things to his friends, and it is this before people inadvertently share marketing, "

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