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Three months to build a P of 150 thousand interpretation of the success of Le search tips

        there are a lot of people do the movie station search, also have a lot of personal station according to the IP contribution ranking web site, but only found Lele (leleso.com), the two sites this seemingly unrelated to do a perfect combination, and created 07 years standing fast the development speed of the miracle — three months traffic soared to 150 thousand IP, ALEXA ranking to ten thousand.

        according to my observation, the success of happy happy search is mainly due to the following two points:

        first, focus on the film search, highlight the professionalism. In Baidu or YAHOO search a movie, often need to turn over a few pages, points ten web site to find an online address. Accidentally, may also make the computer full of viruses. Although their advantage is the vast amount of information, but the information often makes the search at. It is the search giant who this birth defect, to search segments them a chance of survival in the crevice. Le Le search to seize this point, focusing on the film search, only included no virus and can watch online movie website. With this, they have retained a large number of film enthusiasts.

        second, according to the contribution of PR, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the owners to contribute to traffic. Google according to the quality of the external connection to determine the importance of a web page of the site (PR), the more important the page, you can row in front of the page will naturally be more users click. The Google PR search Lele determine the way to do what work, to be included in the site of IP contribution, namely: they included the movie station from the station from a happy search code on your site, from their own point to search Lele where people more is more, so the page search results in the rankings are more forward. There is no doubt that there will be more traffic from the Lele search. It is the introduction of such incentives, greatly mobilized the site was included for the enthusiasm of the flow.

      Lele search success, at least to the subsequent owners have shown two points: monopoly is not terrible, the market is still a way out; traffic is not difficult to engage in mutually beneficial win-win is the key.

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