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Who was the face Follow the WeChat product manager to make a right product decision

, who was "the face"

1985, Coca-Cola in the Pepsi marketing battle force, announced changes to its marketing beverage in New York for 99 years, vigorously carry out the "new coke" plan, did not expect was the opposition, under the panic Coca-Cola decided to resume the traditional formula production.

2012, Microsoft with a new style of the new generation operating system Windows 8 Metro across the globe, "start" interface to replace the traditional "my desktop", the compatible design of touch screen devices and PC devices have been a large number of users Tucao, 2015 win10 in non tablet restore default traditional my desktop".

in 2014, 360 and 360 security guards installed desktop scale launched "Ctrl Ctrl" key out search box function, in an attempt to search more convenient operation path surprise Baidu, now this function settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

2015, Baidu WeChat launched the direct number on the public, wide pull new, high conversion, strong retention, easy to open, through the establishment of ecological connection between man and services in product design input @ + business name "jump directly to businesses in the search box direct number, and the subsequent tepid performance.

now this was "the face" on the list have a large coffee: WeChat. In September 30, 2014, WeChat released the official version of iOS 6, which provides a drop-down video shooting home page feature, and the recent release of the 6.3.7 version of the iOS to cancel the drop-down video shooting.

why those gathered in the industry’s best product manager, but without exception suffered "the face" user experience


two, follow the WeChat product manager to do a "right" product decision making

back in 2014, at the moment you are a glorious WeChat product manager, this year before Twitter’s short video sharing application Vine has been popular in the United States, while the domestic shot in the United States as the representative of the domestic is stirred with the apprentice. Now the core functionality for mobile instant messaging support WeChat, forms of information including text, voice, pictures, links, as will " respect the user value "as the first principle of the product, on the occasion of the big version of the update, you decide to put this small video information carrying more abundant forms into the WeChat product system.

The main tasks that

is facing in front of you include: product positioning (target crowd, scene), function design, function entry.

1, crowd

as a live 600 million months to do only the forest do not do the palace of app, any function must be for all public users.

2, scene

when: anytime

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