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Details of the operation of the mail promotion

every day, most of us have received a lot of spam, spam for it is impossible to guard against, often just deleted over and then sent to people, particularly disgusted. So as a business, and indeed need to use e-mail for mass promotion, how to let us send the mail will not be the same experience?

focus: careful, patient

mail promotion work mainly includes the following points:

mail object: directional, non directional

e-mail address collection: manual collection, software acquisition, etc.;

mail send the way: manual transmission, software to send;

mail content: title, title, text, text content, image content;

mailbox settings: sender name, signature and automatic reply settings;

mail design: common plain text form, web form, etc.;

mail sending time;

mail effect monitoring: mail statistics analysis.

mail promotion, in general, is divided into three steps:

1, preparatory work: collect email address.

2, send mail (including the contents of the marketing letter and the title of the writing).

3, collect reply content, follow up.

so, in the promotion of the work of the mail, we should pay attention to each stage what details?

Ø phase 1: preparation

Ø second stage: send phase

Ø third stage: late follow-up

first stage: pre preparation

a, system planning

two, promotion purpose

three, over the page conversion force

four, e-mail address collection

five, mailbox settings

six, mail design

a, system planning – do you have to work on the promotion of mail to do a long-term, systematic planning program?

unplanned once in a while

has planned cycle

two, clear purpose:

mail promotion purposes:

1, access to traffic;

2, mixing a familiar


3, attracting registration to achieve conversion.

find you – know you – fall in love with you – Marry home

three, the transition page transition force:

1, transition page: >

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