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Mobile game website operators to pay attention to the 9 Principles

mobile game is a burgeoning industry.

at present, mobile games accounted for 50% of the downloads, and only a month ago, the share of mobile games accounted for only about 35% of the download content of the. Experts estimate that the global game market value of $4 billion to $8 billion. There are so many webmaster invest a lot of energy to do a website, a few suggestions, for reference only.

1 mobile phone game site, although the phone is the terminal, but since it is a website, want to make, the first or popularity.

2 mobile gaming sites sprouting in the network, but must go beyond the network. Otherwise it will always be a bud.

3 users on your site, must be looking for the game he wants, so you do not want to think about yourself, but to the user.

4 do not want you to do a good job is the value of the mobile phone platform, promotion and operation of the site is the most important.

5 to do their own professional, to the mobile game industry in-depth mining, how much money you can earn to see how deep your mobile game mining.

6 attaches importance to the growth of the initial user, you provide a number of services, such a platform will be much.

7 download is the favorite of Chinese users, mobile games is also true.

8 mobile phone game is the customer does not want to play the game on the Internet so choose, so you have to teach them how to play.

9 network promotion has three channels: brand channels, product channels, demand channels, what is the brand channel, that is, thanks to Admin5

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