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The chain and soft in the website promotion role

We all know that

, Baidu and Google method that included not only submit your site to her, this method is often used in a few years ago, but now, we used probably do not do so, everyone will go to do some chain and write high quality soft Wen to weight the site now, because no matter how to change the search engine algorithm, its core is not changed, it is the chain and original. I remember reading an article said, a site of great flow, but it looked at the flow is not entirely from the search engine, 40% of the traffic from the search engine, the 10% is from the favorites or direct input, and the remaining 50% are mostly from other sites to the outside the chain is usually done! The chain does not mean that the more the better, if you use mass software group some outside the chain, so a lot of junk the chain on the site but not what good. In some authoritative site and the nature of the same site send some of the chain, the flow is not allow to ignore.

is currently very popular SEO is a very common thing is to link the sale, but also no longer keen to discuss what the title, how to write the label, the key words in the article how to layout. A large number of links to buy, where this is still a link, it is clear to do business, " friendship " this was wasted money. We are "the word"; that is to say more and more people to use, so this way at least for now is the mainstream, is effective, but on the other hand, more and more people use, the effect was not as well as usual, as we usually do business as a if several of the industry, the business is very good, and more, is not good. For example, the Internet has just started, the network company, do a site is about 5000 of the price, but within a year, a large increase in the number of Internet companies like, also like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, the production site prices also fell. Things are too expensive, the more people follow, one day will be lost. The Baidu QJ version of Knight pan how aggressive now, huh?……

by the way their own site, love network www.lianai.net.cn (don’t know let editors write, if not let you can put this paragraph; if you can write trouble to add a link to make love nets), has not done optimization; after a period of time, now PR 3, I have been doing is not Links link! Colleagues also hope pr> 3 of the webmaster can do Links give me


said above the chain, the following talk about soft Wen! We all know, search engine is like the original article. A high quality of soft Wen effect can sometimes be worth a lot of the chain; a reprint, by several mainstream forums and websites as the essence, it is not money can buy the effect, why hot events came out, someone with a soft can give your site to bring traffic. Just because soft Wen is not everyone can

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