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Adhere to the overall role of Web site construction

look at the previous section to win in China commercial real combat, the judges review, the most is the strategy and implementation of the relationship.

senior website construction company in Beijing century century seems, strategy and implementation, both indispensable, but the latter is more important. The so-called "practice", most of the time, we are not in a familiar way, but the stones. Strategy is right, there is no absolute standard, but once there is a goal, it should be implemented to specific actions, and perseverance to do, in the process of doing, and then continue to adjust the strategy. Network marketing is the concept of fire in recent years, many companies have begun to try. Production site, search engine promotion, online advertising, online shopping, join the B2B website, do EMAIL marketing…… These methods have a lot of companies are doing, in which a small number of enterprises have tasted the sweetness, but more companies do not feel how much help network marketing, why?

(1) lacks continuous execution of

site after making a good search engine promotion has been done, but the content of the site is the same level, a few rare news a year, the product has not been updated, the site with the actual marketing of enterprises out of touch. Often due to personnel changes in the enterprise, the network marketing strategy is difficult to be sustained implementation, there is no natural effect.

(2) lacks overall fit

network marketing is a systems engineering, but many enterprises have to split it apart, search engine optimization, website construction, website promotion is divided by different service providers for each service, taking different strategies, different focus, leading to the direction is too scattered, lack of overall coordination, it is difficult to play a role.

(3) lacks focus on results

many companies do network marketing, but did not focus on the conversion rate of customers. Search engines do, how many customers? Website after the production, the customer is satisfied or not satisfied? Email marketing, the customer is regarded as spam? Not about the result, it cannot improve the network marketing strategy, to improve customer satisfaction.

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