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New ideas of marketing success continues from 3 Jian Wang

May 22nd, touch technology CEO Chen Haozhi a "keep back on the road of the state", announced the suspension of listed touch technology listed on the United States, with the rise of "fishing" Master Mobile Games company prospects did not imagine so optimistic. And in this regard, small Qian not only sigh: the burning of the game companies have to keep hot game long, really not easy.

in the past few years, along with the high speed of mobile Internet, as if to find a husband general public Mobile Games began high-profile voice in the game world, a time to Mobile Games than the end of the tour Webpage Game occupy more market share, even the end of the tour was the incessant sound of ear. Perhaps the end of the tour in the end will become a minority hobby, but at least it is not enough to say that this reality.


My cousin

09 years to start playing JX, I watch; three years later, I saw the "energy-saving" TV series; now 14 years have a few years of Jian Wang 3 beta, small Qian because the feeling itself needs to strengthen the precipitation, when reading everywhere industry data report learning. Even at the end of the travel market report found that vitality is still strong Jian Wang 3.

was born nearly 5 years as "3 Jian Wang JX online version of" series of final part of the trilogy, unexpectedly also can develop, such vitality is not comparable to Mobile Games.

According to the

study jointly released a new game, the game work, CNG in the "2013 Chinese game industry report" shows that in 2013 Chinese client network game market share of 64.5%, down 10.4 percentage points, three years of continuous decline of 17.7 percentage points. Previously, according to Analysys International information, Q3 2012 quarter of the year China end of the travel market in the stagnation of only a slight increase of 2%. The end of the tour the huge volume, in the increasingly severe market environment which obviously can receive market growth, income accounted for the effect of decreased, slow transformation of three main factors, this is why after the end of the tour are sore Mobile Games stamp in the end of the tour are indeed unable to resist a large.

and in the overall environment of weak situation, "sword net 3" is the eleven consecutive quarter of market growth, Kingsoft game revenue, still occupy a large proportion, the author thinks that the "sword net 3" success there are 3 important points of

first, JX series of heat, the three major domestic martial arts series of games, Legend of Sword and Fairy, Xuanyuanjian, jx. The first two because of various reasons, in the case of hot games, online games has produced mediocre response, and JX series from the beginning of 2003, has 11 years of history, in two other online games market has had little success when it JX is a contender to seize this one market.

second is suitable for Chinese gaming experience, from the end of the travel market of domestic first fortune Stone Age (Japan), (South Korea), the legendary miracle (South Korea), DNF (South Korea), "in

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