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Kirin alliance feedback members smashing golden egg activity 12 1 grand opening

do you have a Thanksgiving gift?

well, my income is not high, I have half a dime?


have a relationship!

Kirin new event smashing golden egg is about to debut, after the first Thanksgiving gifts to warm up the field.

in soliciting the advice of many webmaster, after a number of meetings to discuss, we consider how to do an overwhelming majority of people can participate in, and the opportunity to completely equal activities!

we know that the development of the alliance can not be separated from the support of each webmaster, and before the Chinese new year, only the traditional Thanksgiving gift activities how enough?

and now do activities, our consistent criterion is: No, not to resort to deceit, chipping away run out of experience, to do the


then naturally have this season smashing golden egg activity, as well as the following figures:

31 days a month

777 physical gifts;

20000 cash envelopes;

100% won the prize;

reward total value 160000 yuan!

finally: "hit the golden eggs, rob IPAD" and "Thanksgiving eight years, Carnival gift" is the history of the largest, kylin sincerity most foot 2 round of activities, sincerely invite all new and old friends!

now or never!


active link: Click to enter http://s.70e.com/hd/egg/index.asp

activity time: 12.1-12.31 crazy for a whole month, smashing the golden egg every day

activity rules: 1, during the event, the owner of the day income of more than $10 to get the opportunity to hit the golden eggs 1 times, and every day can participate. 2, the new registered owners give the opportunity to break free gold eggs 1 times (in addition to cash envelopes, physical gifts will be held for the first time). 3, only 1 times per person per day, if the day is not eligible to participate in the event as a waiver, the same day the 24 point is not cleared. 4 single, multiple accounts for 1 in the account, otherwise it will not be cash reward! Example: webmaster small A daily income of 10 yuan, participation hit the golden egg every day " " after December Revenue: 10× 31=310 Activity Award (minimum 2 yuan.

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